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Tropic Marin – The aquatic life science

Decades of experience and constant innovation in product development. The focus of all activities is the well-being of all organisms in the aquarium.


In the early 1960s seawater aquarium keeping was still in its infancy – there were no custom-made products for near-natural water conditions as found in the sea. Until then, professional and amateur aquarium keepers had been required to create a salt blend themselves from numerous raw materials or purchase partial mixtures in order to provide for their plants and creatures.

It was at this time that an easily soluble, single-component sea salt was created that contained all the trace elements of the sea: Tropic Marin® Sea Salt. This was a breakthrough in sea water aquaristics and laid the foundations for the Tropic Marin® company and brand, which is now known worldwide.

Philosophy & Quality

The Tropic Marin® motto “As pure and natural as possible” applies to both sea salts and all other mineral mixtures. Where available, exclusively pharmaceutically-pure raw materials are used, the specifications of which comply with the prevailing pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur., DAB, BP, USP). As a consequence, impurities resulting from technical salt qualities are ruled out and high-quality products guaranteed. We obtain our raw materials primarily from German sources. All suppliers have valid certification for pharmaceutical supplies.


With the extensive range of sea salts, mineral mixtures and test kits Tropic Marin® supplies beginners, experienced aquarium keepers, zoos, large aquariums, universities and laboratories in over 50 countries around the world. Tropic Marin® is often involved in the breeding of and research into marine organisms in particular – scientists appreciate the near-natural and reproducible conditions that they achieve with Tropic Marin® products.

(picture: Zoo Rostock)

Research & Development

Tropic Marin® continues to focus on researching the interactions of all areas in a tank, from provision of minerals and nutrients to lighting and current flow patterns. The goal is to develop new, innovative products that make the aquarium more similar to natural conditions whilst at the same time enabling a high degree of simplicity and safety.

With Carbo-Calcium and the All-For-Reef based on it, Hans-Werner Balling (Inventor of the Balling-Method) has recently developed an innovative single-component system for mineral supply in the aquarium.