SPS dominated


244 x 91,5 x 70 cm + sump

1525 liters

400 gallons


Dosing via Kamoer F4

Owner: Jay Bro @unorthodox_reef

I’m a  SPS guy but still want all the corals 

I think I got my first saltwater aquarium when I was 17-18 to 22yrs ago, I decided to play mad scientist to my current brackish tank and bump up the salinity in hopes to keep a starfish. Skip to 20plus years later and I’m still learning everyday. Still trying to play mad scientist and trying new risks but maybe more educated.


Recently I upgraded to a  400 gallon tank and it’s still  too small

Display tank
-Ecotech Radion XR15 G5 PRO x8 and reefbrite xho blues.
Frag Tank
-Radion XR30 G4 PRO and XR15 G5 Pro

-Tunze 6105s and 6155s
Frag Tank
-Ecotech MP40s

Return pumps
-Sicce sdc 9.0 and recently beta testing a Maxspect Jump dc12k

-NYOS Quantum 300

-Neptune Apex
-Neptune Trident

-Kamoer F4

Daily Additives
-Brightwell replenish
-Two Little Fishies Acro Power
-ESV B-IONIC 2 part and Magnesium

In a way the business keeps  a part of him alive alive

I donate proceeds from select corals and swag to Cancer Research in memory of my late father. My father passed away over a year ago of stage 4 cancer. It was the toughest thing I ever witnessed, the strongest man I have ever met or known taken by a horrible disease. I have started a new venture and opened an online coral selling business:


Surgeon fish
-Gem Tang
-3x yellow tangs
-Purple tang
-desgardini salifin tang
-lavender tang
-kole yellow eye tang
-regal blue tang
-tomini tang
-blonde naso tang

-Yellow wrasse
-3 sixline (2 of which are a mating pair)
-mated pair of possum wrasses
-cleaner wrasse
-kuiters wrasse

-6 springeri damsels
-green chromis
-red bar anthias
-blue throat trigger fish
-copperband butterfly
-5 clownfish
-matted filefish
-royal gramma
-watchman goby
-bellus angel

-5 very large tiger tail sea cucumbers to keep sand clean
-3x pistol shrimp
-blood shrimp
-4x cleaner shrimp
-turbo and trochus snails
-200+ blue leg hermit crabs
-5+ acro crabs
-sand sifting starfish
-Halloween Hermit crabs


What was the measurement data on the day of our visit?

Kh: 8.5 – 9

Ca: 410 – 430

Mg: 1400-1450

Low nutrient