mixed stocking


200 x 90 x 65 cm + sump

1500 liter

400 gallon


Grotech ABC

Owner: Serdar Sahin

SPS on the  reef top and the bottom is covered with LPS

The frame is a aluminium profile 45mm with many angles and the cabinet is cladding with kitchen doors with magnets. Looks awesome and is stable.


It is so important to have a huge UV system while keeping fish like Serdars Acanthurus achilles

tank: white glass: 200 x 90 x 65 cm
sump: 160 x 70 x 50 cm
lightning: 4 x ATI Straton LED
Grotech Tec 3
Spurenelemente A B C
UV lamp Aqua Medic Helix Max 2.0 55 Watt

Flow pumps :
1x Panta Rhei Hydro Wizard ECM 42
2x Panta Rhei Hydro Wizard ECM 42 pro

return pump Abyzz A200
Bypass pump for lime reactor and for 2 fluidized bed filters a DSC Jebao 10000
Chalk reactor custom made up to 1500 liter tanks with PH control Aqua Medic
Ozone from Sander C200 on lowest level


What was the measurement data on the day of our visit?

Kh: 7,5-8

Ca: 420-430

Mg: 1300

Po4: 0,06