mixed stocking


210 x 135 x 90 cm + sump

3000 liters

790 gallons


Fauna Marin

Owner: Stefan Betzenhauser

Here every coral is allowed to grow in its natural form as it wants

I have never seen such a tank before. Here the Xenia grow all over the front window, all animals show their natural behaviour. That is just crazy.


The whole system runs with Fauna Marin products

5x Aquaillumination Hydra52HD

5x Aquaillumination Hydra26 HD

8 flow pumps Aquamedic Ecodrift

Skimmer: Deltec 6000ix

Building Process

The tank was not built on the tiles ut stands directly on the foundation

Simulation of the complete daily course

Simulation of the cloud course as well as the moon cycle and thunderstorm simulation

The reef tank is standing since December 2016

The reef construction was built with grids and living rocks

The aquarium was not built on the tiles but directly into the foundation