mixed stocking


110 cm high and 150 cm diameter + sump

2000 liters

530 gallons


Tropic Marin Balling

Owner: Marius Meier

This tank is made  made entirely of acrylic 

The aquarium was used perfectly here to function as a focal point like a portal into an underwater world. Marius has no special stock here. Besides a lot of SPS and LPS corals we find soft corals, gorgonias and a variety of different fish like tangs, chormies and anthias.


The other technology is located in a cabinet next to the reef tank

Abyzz A200 recirculation pump,
2x Tunze stream3+,
5x Ecotech Marine Radion XR 30 G30,
Theiling Rollermat fleece filter,
Theiling skimmer E-cone 3000,
Deltec UVC system 20 Watt, Aquatronica aquarium computer,
3x Aquatronica dosing pumps,
Daily coral culture vitalizer/ coral culture amino acids/ Oceamo Manga,
2x weekly oceamo iodine,
bacto balance for nutrient control,
Aquatronica osmosis system + 2 mixed bed resin filters supplemental,
ATI active ocean

Water changes every 6 weeks 15-20%

Also the reef construction you can see here is made of real reef rocks and ceramic. 


What was the measurement data on the day of our visit?

Kh: 8

Ca: 420

Mg: 1300

Po4: 0,08