LPS domanated


165 x 100 x 80 cm + sump

1400 liter

370 gallons


ARKA Aquaristic

Owner: Jack Elliot

A tank wich is 100 cm deep and 80 cm high  gives a perfect view

This LPS dominated reef tank from Jack Elliot has the dimensions 165 x 100 x 80 cm and a huge sump (together 1400 liter / 370 gallon) The setup is done with royal exclusive and Eldorado LED lightning. The aquascape of the saltwater aquarium is created with dead rocks. It is an XXL tank in the bedroom!

Apolemichthys kingi

I have never seen this rarity before

The special animal is a Apolemichthys kingi (Tiger Angelfish) and Jack Elliot is the first person is the first person I know who keeps this animal at home.


Quality pays  off

skimmer: royal exclusive bubble cone 300

return pump: royal exclusive

tank: custom made by „Schneider Aquaristik“

lightning: 7x  Eldorado blue/white