LPS dominated


310 x 100 x 80 cm + sump

2500 liter

660 gallons

Owner: Ralph

One of the most craziest and greatest aquarium constructions I have ever seen

The hanging reef tank by Ralph from Amsterdam is an absolutely unique piece in the world of marine aquariums. An enormous scaffolding supports the 2500 litre aquarium above the floor, the technical area is right next to it. The lighting consists of T5 tubes and the whole tank is flown through by Tunze. The reef structure is built with columns, which are overgrown with corals and anemones over time.


A unique ceiling construction allows hanging on two wire ropes

Bubbleking 300 supermarine


ATI Calcium reactor

Phosphate filter

2 x red dragon 6000 l/h

2 x dance 20000 l/h