mixed stocking


300 x 150 x 75 cm + sump

4000 liters

890 gallons

Owner: Martin Kunzelnick

Such a masterpiece in an absolutely  clear room area

The reef tank setup by Martin from Deggingen was built with a lot of planning regarding the technical area / sump / LED. The aquascape is composed of a mixed stock. Inside there’re SPS, LPS and other corals next to some tropical fish. The sump and base cabinet have been fantastically adapted into an extra room


Kessil AP 700

EcoTech Marine VorTech MP40wQD

Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6055

Sicce Syncra SDC 9.0

Skimmer/Skimmer H&S 300-3×1260

Lime reactor Grotech HCR 150

KnePo fluidized bed filter Intern Easy 4,0 Liter

ATI 6-channel dosing pump DP-6

HOME thermocontrol-e 400W

AquaLight Ozonizer ET 200mg/h

Eheim 400 air pump

Aqua Medic power flotor L

Tunze Care Magnet strong 15-20mm