mixed stock


45 x 45 x 45 cm no sump

75 liters

20 gallons


ARKA Aquaristic

Owner: Dave Notter


The Nano Reef Tank of Dave from Switzerland is as unique as no other. Based on the Red Sea Reefer Nano Max, the reef structure was glued to the back wall and thus floats inside the aquarium. Besides Scolymia and Acroporas, several other LPS and soft corals are attached to the reef.


Here we don’t find a sump


AI Prime from Aquaillumination


tune 9001

Return pump:

Tunze 6040

Filling station for osmosis water:

Aquamedic Refill System

Dosing pumps:

3x Reeffactory Dosing Pump

The acrylic part must be bend so as to form a 90° angle

It is very important that there is enough adhesive surface for the piece on the back glass.

Glue acrylic

The acrylic piece is formed with a heat dryer and brought into the correct position on the aquarium with a support.

The first stones

For this Dave uses silicone which is suitable for aquariums. Think already here how you want to bring in the corals.

The aquascape

The remaining stones are glued together with aquascape mortar. Afterwards the gauze should dry for 48 hours.

What you need

Do you have everything for your floating reef?

An empty and dry reef tank

A piece of acrylic that is sufficiently large for the rocks to hang on to

A drill


A hot glue gun

A marker or sharpie

Aquarium-safe silicone

Dry rock

Glue for the rocks

A measuring tape

A clamp or two


A towel, some paper or a carpet of sorts to protect your workspace