350 x 450 x 140 cm + sump

24.000 liters

6300 gallons

Owner: Jack Eliot

This is currently Germany’s largest  full-glass saltwater aquarium

This tank is a replica of the Central Pacific, Hawei, and was integrated into the living room afterwards. We are the first ones that owner Jack Elliot let into his private rooms. For me personally, this was an absolute honour. I have never seen anything like it before. The aquascapeing of that „reef tank“ is made of dead rocks and corals.


There is a Royal Exclusive Bubble King DeLuxe 650, LED lights, 3 tons of Real Reef Rocks, artificial corals adapted to the reef and several UV units 5×42 Watt and one 105 Watt, plus 4 Royal Exclusive Red Dragon 17.000 pumps for sufficient current.