mixed stock


70 x 55 x 55 cm + sump

300 liters

80 gallons


ARKA Aquaristic

Owner: Tobias Rojek

Getting the best out of little space

The reef tank (Blue Marine Reef 300) setup by Tobi from Regensburg built with a lot of planning regarding the technical area / sump / LED and the reef construction. The aquascape is composed of a mixed stock and is made of living and dead rocks. Inside there’re SPS, LPS and other corals next to some tropical fish like some Shortfin Turkeyfishs (Dendrochirus brachypterus). The sump and base cabinet have been fantastically adapted to the equipment and the whole setup stands wonderful into the room area.


In the sump is the breeding of cardinalfish

Technical List:

Blue Marin Reef 300 with sump

Manual ReefPower 2600 Pump

1x Tanze flow pump

2x Jubao flow pump

Manual Skim 500