LPS dominated


90 x 55 x 53 cm + sump

300 liters

80 gallons


Ocean Art Biotechnology

Owener: Dave Notter

Sometimes you just have to think differently

With the dead reef rock the scape of the Nyos Opus 300 tilt into the height of the aquarium. People like Dave show me again and again that this hobby does not always have to look the same. Large sand areas on the sides focus the view on the aquascape in the middle of the tank.


– Nyos Opus 300

– AI Prime

– nyos quantum 120

– wirbelfilter für kohle

– nero 5 pumpen

– reeffactory dosierpumpen

– ati Refill system

– ati twin controller

– battery backup

– clarisea fliessfiler


What was the measurement data on the day of our visit?

Kh: 7,8

Ca: 460

Mg: 1360

Po4: 0,03