LPS dominated


120 x 57 x 37 cm + sump

320 liter

85 gallons


fauna marin

Owner: Philipp Ernst

Also a special base cabinet cabinet makes something special

The saltwater aquarium (120 x 57 x 37 cm) setup by Philipp from Wipperoda was built with a lot of planning regarding the technical area / sump / LED. The aquascape is composed of a mixed stock. Inside there’re SPS, LPS and other corals next to some tropical fish. The sump and base cabinet have been fantastically adapted into the room area.


The tank has the bean animal overflow system

Kambala wood cabinet

3x Kessil A360x (with reflector)

skimmer: Royal exclusive Mini Bubble King 160

dosingpumps: DHL, DD, Grotech

Fauna Marin completely

return pump: 4500er Royal speedy super silence

Nyos filter

UV HW Wigand