soft corals


diameter: 100cm, high: 70cm + sump

3.800 liters in the system

1000 gallons in the system

Owner: Florian Grunwald

This is the best  change in any  office

The Schuran reef tank was built with a lot of planning regarding the technical area / sump / LED. The aquascape is composed of a soft corals. Inside there’re very rare fish like Zebrasoma gemmatum (Jewelled Tang); Melichthys vidua (Pink-tailed Triggerfish); Halichoeres chrysus (Yellow wrasse); Coris gaimard (Rainbow wrasse) and a Halichoeres iridis (Iris wrasse) next to some others like Chromis ore a Picturesque dragonet. The sump and base cabinet have been fantastically adapted into an extra room, next to the office.


The whole system is connected to a large additional tank

LED: EcoTech Radion G4 Pro

skimmer: Schuran Jetskim 250

return pump: Abyzz A300

UV 110W

Sander Ozon

2x Tropic Marin Bio-ACTIF REACTOR 5000 with Tropic Marin NP-BACTO-TRICKS