mixed stocking


100 x 55 x 65 cm + sump

300 liters

80 gallons


ARKA Aquaristic

Owner: Benjamin Ludwig

It does not always take a lot of space to build a masterpiece

The Benni seawater aquarium from Oestrich-Winkel is based on an Eheim 300 liter system with technical tank. The reef construction is designed for a high SPS stocking. In between you will find a lot of LPS and soft corals under a T5 lightning.


A complete set with the wow effect

Flow pumps:2x Jebao OW 25

1x Jebao OW 10

Skimmer : Arka ACS 120

Multi reactor: Aqua Medic

UVC clarifier Eheim

ATI Sunpower 4×39 Watt

Return pump Eheim 3000 Compact +