mixed stocking


130 x 70 x 70 cm + sump

700 liters

185 gallons



Owner: Philipp

Great technique, design and functions combined together

The reef tank setup by Philipp from Frankfurt was built with a lot of planning regarding the technical area / sump / LED. The aquascape is composed of a mixed stock. Inside there’re SPS, LPS and other corals next to some tropical fish.

The impressive thing about this aquarium is the accommodation of the technology. The sump and base cabinet have been fantastically adapted to the equipment.


Aquarium: 130*70*70 cm

Stand Marine Systems

LED Birne Mangroven 40 Watt

4 x AI Hadra 56 HD

2 x Tunze 6105

Tunze Osmolator

2 x Schego Titanheizstab 250 + 350 Watt

Nyos Torq 2.0

ATI Powercone 200i

Jebao DCP 10000

GHL Profilux Mega Set

GHL Doser 2.1

DJ Tec Schaltboard

Aqua Medic Platinum Line Pro

5 Liter Knepo Mischbettharzfilter

Tunze Safety Modul

12 Volt Gel Batterie

12 Volt Ladegerät

Eheim Futterautomat

Eheim Feedingstation

6 x 12 mm Arctic Fan

InkBird Temperature Controller

Apeman WLAN Cam

Real Reef Rocks

Tropic Marin Pro Reef Salt

Sangokai Balance

Sangokai Nutri Basic Set