mixed stocking


120 x 115 x 60 cm + sump + Seahorse tank + sump

850 liters

225 gallons



Owner: Sebastian Simbeck

Great design with 2 tanks in 1 

This reef tank is is another great construction on our little Youtube channel. Sebastian did a wonderful job with that special „table-aquascape“ and with a second coral aquarium in the cabinet. There we can find some soft corals and Seahorses. So sweet!!

The whole equipment is also placed in the Cabinet next to the sump.

Equipement list

main tank: 120x115xH60 (POOL 15mm)
Sump: 100x50x40
Refill 30x40x40 64 L
Seahorse tank: 70x40x50
2x LED AquaSystem Serie6 90cm 264 W
Saltwater 860x205x31mm 7fach Wi-Fi
1x LED AquaSystem Serie6 30cm 78W Wi-Fi
1xMC 8000
MARINE CLEAN Vliesfilter-Serie MC 8000 15 cm Vlies 8000L/Std.
1x De-AN 25-E 1 De Bary UV Anlage 25 E W
1x Pacific Sun CalcFeeder AC2 Pro v3 calcium Reactor
1x GHL Doser 2.1 SA
1x Aqua Medic platinum line plus Osmose
1x Flowpump Maxspect Gyre XF 350
2x Jebao SW8 Wave Maker
1x Returnpump Jecod DCP-8000 PUMPE inkl. Controller 8000 L/H: 8-65 W
1x Marine Concept
1x Skimmer Deltec 1500i


What was the measurement data on the day of our visit?

Kh: 6,74

Ca: 451

Mg: 1430

Po4: 0,08