mixed stocking


180 x 60 x 60 cm + sump + frag tanks

1000 liters

265 gallons


Deep sand bed

Owner: Bogdan Sell

Amazing to see a setup with that corals without a skimmer

The reef tank setup by Bogdan from Hövelhof was built without a sump, without a skimmer and with self-made LED lightning. The aquascape is composed of a mixed stock. Inside there’re SPS, LPS and other corals next to some tropical fish. Bogdan has been specialized on Zoas. The whole tank has got covered. The fraktanks have 160 x 50 x 50 and (2 x) 70 x 35 x 15 cm.


Bogdan breeds Zoas into his 3 other fragtanks 

selfmade LED