mixed stocking


180 x 65 x 65 cm + sump

800 liters

215 gallons



Owner: Sebastian Böttcher

5% waterchange every week with Aquaforest Probiotic reef salt

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Lightning: Ati hybrid 6x 80watt t5 and 4×75 watt led

Bulbs: 1x purple plus , 1x actinic, 2 x blue plus and 2 x aquablue special

Lights on, for about 8 hours a day, start and end with 1 hour bluelight

Flowpumps: 1x tunze 6125, 1x tunze 6085, 2x 6045

Sump: glass tank with 50 gallon

UV: De-bary 25

Returnpump: royal exclusiv speedy 50 watt

Skimmer: royal exclusiv double-cone 200

Dosingpump: D-D H2Ocean P4-Pro Dosierpumpe

Balling: Aquaforest Balling Salts (KH,MG,CA and reef mineral salt,each in one gallon canister) + Aquaforest Components strong

Filtersock: aquaforest Carbon

Coralfood: Aquaforest powerfood, Af vitality and Af energy