mixed stocking


180 x 75 x 55 cm + sump

900 liters

240 gallons

Owner: Philipp

The tank offers sufficient swimming space for the fish  population due to a very flat reef construction

Since the tank has only been in the inflow phase for 3 months, the corals used here (SPS, LPS, soft corals and various anemones) can use the many spaces for growth in the near future.


A 150 x 60 x 40 cm  sump is located under the 900 litre system

Lighting: ATI 6 x 54 Watt + 4 x 75 Watt

Skimmer: ATI Powercone 250 is

Current: 2 x Maxspjct Gyre 350

Return pump: Royal exclusiv 80 Watt