mixed stocking


140 x 100 x 50 cm + sump

800 liters

215 gallons


Korallenzucht Pohl

Owner: Florian Beer

The equipment is in the basement in another room

The beautiful shallow reef tank. There is a crevice in the middle of the reef. And as I’m sure some of you have already realized: There is no sand. Personally, I find sand always more natural, however, Flo has already made many negative experiences with sand in the aquarium.


Flo also the secret recipe secret recipe

Every two weeks he makes a water change with about 10% and the Red sea sea salt. In addition, from day 1 he puts everything full of corals to generate consumers and he attaches great importance to a good skimmer.
– Flow 4x Ecotech Vortech MP40

– Aquabee UP8000 recirculation pump

– Skimmer Tunze

– Zeoltihfilter and coral care from Pohl Korallenzucht Coburg

– Lime reactor

– Fleece filter

– Activated carbon in multifilter


What was the measurement data on the day of our visit?

Kh: 7

Ca: 400

Mg: 1600

Po4: 0,06