mixed stocking


190 x 70 x 65 cm + sump

1000 liters

265 gallons


Fauna Marin

Owner: Cedric Lüft

Enjoy the sea in the living area with unique fish

This reef tank is owned by our good friend Cedric Lüft from Karlstein, a specialist for coral layers and live animal supplies in seawater aquariums. The stock consists of SPS as well as LPS, various soft corals and anemones. With the 130x55x50 cm sump the aquarium is driven with the Balling Light method and the setting up and reef construction is done with dead rock and live rock.


In combination wit a sump

Pacific Sun Hybrid Pandora Hyperion S/R2+ (4×145 W + 4x80W T5)

Tunze flow pumps

Nero 5

2x Rossmond MX 15200

Royal Bubbleking deluxe 200

Royal Reftec

Pacific Sun AR-Pro L

GHL (Dosingpumps)