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Almost daily we provide you with new impressions around our common hobby


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About us

Seafriendlyreef offers you the opportunity to collect ideas around the topic of saltwater aquariums

We show you the fantastic world of oceans in a modern design. Seafriendlyreef is meant to convey the lifestyle of aquaristics. Join us on the search for the most impressive reef tanks in the world and get inspired. I wish you a lot of fun!
Tobias Neyer


It makes no sense to kill the ocean for having it at home

Seafriendlyreef stands for the conscious aquarist. Of course, nowadays it is not always easy to find an ideal way not to pursue this hobby at the expense of nature. Nevertheless, everyone with an aquarium should have the welfare of our oceans in mind.

What do you get here?

Our channel provides the necessary fun for the hobby. It’s all about the end result and what others have created from different techniques and animals.


You should get an idea of what works and what does not. Maybe you will find an aquascape that you like so much that you want to recreate it.


Stay up to date with different projects and accompany us and the owners through renovations and renewals. Here there is always something to do.


We think it is important to show you something different. This wonderful hobby offers so many different facets, there is always something new to discover.

Reef inspiration

Not only the tank, also the  architecture and  room area is important 

An aquarium enhances the room. The size and design can be customized and we show you the best examples of how to do it right.

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